Tukatech Releases the New TUKA3D Software Suite

New 3D modules, e-design and e-view, compliment new version of the revolutionary e-fit module.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Tukatech announces today the release of the newest version of e-fit, a part of a complete 3D software package called TUKA3D. New features of e-fit include a 20-30% speed increase in simulation, TC2 Scan data compatibility, new grouping features for varying stiffness and stretch of parts of a garment, and much more. The new release also includes two new and upgraded design and collaboration modules, named e-design and e-view.

Currently bundled free with e-fit, e-design has enhanced features for design, texturing, and image import and rendering. Additional software highlights are new lighting and camera scene save options, additional bump and fabric maps, and increased support for multiple output files.

The e-view module allows users a new option for viewing with a 3D garment within a 3D viewer.. With e-view, anybody in the world can view, rotate, pan, zoom, and annotate a 3D garment, regardless of whether or not they have the software on their computer.

Additional new features include:

  1. TC2 Scanner Compatibility – Allows users to import into the software directly, with no conversion required.
  2. 360 Degree Render and Camera/Light Save – Allows users to render a 360 degree movie for a quick “around the body” view. Additionally, users can customize the camera and lights and save them for future use.
  3. Customizable Runway and Background Movie features – Add any movie as a background to create stunning runway shows and presentations.
  4. Optimized Speed – 20-30% speed increase for all simulation types by way of improvements to the virtual fit models.
  5. Sew Test – Added ability for user to lower sewing strength to test whether a garment can actually be sewn. Some other systems will falsely sew the garment even if it physically is too short to wrap around the body.
  6. New Grouping Features – Increased grouping feature options allows for varying stiffness in parts of the garment which can also be set to shrink and grow as required, and given additional weight.

Autodesk/Tukatech Partnership

TUKA3D’s primary 3D module, e-fit, is created in part with their longtime software partner Autodesk. Autodesk continues to provide the 3D engine to the newest version of e-fit and e-design. Tools such as draping in stages or by piece, group features for manipulating parts of a piece, advanced animation capability, and scanner compatibility, help distinguish TUKA3D from competitor systems. Tukatech has helped successfully implement the e-fit software into processes of suppliers and manufacturers across the world for brands such as Academy, Marks & Spencer, NEXT, Abercrombie and Fitch, Calvin Klein Dresses, Jones of New York Intimates and others.

“Working with Autodesk has enabled us to build the most powerful 3D virtual apparel prototyping system on the market. We are very proud that TUKA3D continues to be the most revolutionary and easy to use 3D system.” said Ram Sareen, founder and CEO of the TukaGroup. “Many of our key features, such as offline sewing, draping in stages, automatic tools for darts, pleats and bindings, and high-resolution cloth simulations for gathers and shirring/ruching simply don’t exist in competitor systems.”

About Autodesk

Autodesk provides a powerful 3D engine platform commonly used in many engineering disciplines, movie and animation industries, receiving several awards and high honors, including Academy Awards for their work on movies such as “Monsters vs. Aliens”, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, The Da Vinci Code” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.” They are also well-known for AutoCAD, the standard tool for architects worldwide. Autodesk’s 3D engine, 3D studio Max, is widely considered the most sophisticated platform on the market.


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