Tukatech Revolutionizes Online Shopping with New Venture Styku™ and its Online Fitting Room

View Live Demonstration at http://tryon.styku.com

Los Angeles CATukatech Inc., Los Angeles-based provider of 2D/3D apparel software solutions, is pleased to announce its most recent venture Styku, headed by CEO Raj Sareen.

Styku is revolutionizing the online shopping experience

Styku’s True-to-Life online fitting room is the only fitting room of its kind that can create a predictable fit visualization. Currently in discussion with all Tukatech customers, and other large brand retailers, Styku is gaining steam in anticipation of its launch in fall 2011. Soon consumers will find a “try-it on” button next to products on their favorite web stores.

Styku’s 3D application allows consumers to virtually try-on a garment on an avatar from the comfort of their own home. Styku’s apps have the power to dramatically increase online sales, reduce returns, and remove customer hesitancy to online apparel shopping. Consumers can finally see how a garment truly fits before buying online.

Online apparel sales – Barriers to growth

On-line sales continue to grow 8% annually. Unfortunately for most multi-channel retailers, strong online sales does not translate to their bottom line, as most retailers still depend on most of their revenue from offline sales. In fact, only 9% of all US garment purchases are made online. Most people are still hesitant to purchase clothing online for lack of the ability to try something on first and for fear of having to return items by mail. Those that do buy clothing online, return an average of 30% of what they buy, sometimes more. The average loss on those returns, mostly from obsolescence, is 40%. But the greatest loss is in customer loyalty and hesitancy to buy online. As most retailers are becoming painfully aware of, large scale growth online is difficult without an online fitting solution.

In the last two years, there has been tremendous growth in e-commerce technology, as retailers look for ways to strengthen the online shopping experience, reduce the impact of returns, and invest in personalization technology. The most promising personalization technology that helps remove the largest obstacle to online growth is an online fitting room (sometimes called a virtual fitting room, virtual try-on, or online dressing room).

They say timing is everything. The cliché couldn’t be truer when it comes to online fitting rooms. Tukatech has all the right ingredients to offer an online solution to fit, they have 15 years of experience in providing these fit solutions to apparel retailers and manufacturers globally and the customers to prove it. But to truly migrate this revolutionizing 3D technology to the consumer space and successfully capture this great market opportunity, Tukatech strategically created a new venture, patent all applications, and created new web-based platforms, scalable for future technologies and customizable to retailer’s needs.

Retailers like Guess, Billy Blues, Ella Moss, American Apparel, Chico’s, XCVI, and others that have been using TUKAcad for years for flat pattern making, grading, and marker making, can now leverage their existing data to provide a fitting solution online. Tukatech not only leveraged its technology, market position, but also its expertise in the area of fit.

How Styku works

By clicking “try it on”, Styku’s app launches asking the consumer to create an avatar or sign in to access their avatar, made from user provided measurements. Users can view garments on their avatar in 3D, post images on Facebook to attain feedback, view multiple sizes at once, and even view a color map to discern differences between sizes and across brands. Styku is also working with body scanning companies to make it easier for consumers to create avatars. For retailers, there’s no investment in hardware, software, or infrastructure of any kind. Styku is a hosted, service based technology that is customizable, scalable, and free to consumers. Retailer’s only pay when sales increase and returns are reduced. Styku will launch its private beta to exclusive Tukatech clientele in late 2011, followed by an official launch in early 2012.

About Styku

To learn more please visit the website and schedule a private demonstration by writing to info@styku.com. You can also watch a video demonstration on Styku’s site.


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