Cal Poly Pomona Acquires Tuka3D for fit development, e-Merchandising, and e-Commerce

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Cal Poly Pomona Acquires Tuka3D for fit development, e-Merchandising, and e-Commerce

Pomona, CA-  Peter Kilduff, Chair of Cal Poly Pomona’s Apparel Merchandising and Management department, announced on September 17, 2011, that the department had acquired several editions of Tukatech’s TUKA3D software.

The announcement was made at a fundraiser and networking event held at CalPoly Pomona’s Kellogg West Hotel and Conference Center before a gathering of students, alumni, and fashion industry leaders. The event was held to kick-off a fundraising effort for the school’s Apparel Merchandising and Management program, which provides hundreds of students each year with an education in the business and technology of apparel. The department, which focuses on teaching the development, marketing, production and distribution of garment and apparel lines, will use Tuka3D to create virtual garment samples and fit them to customized models.

Cal Poly Pomona’s AMM department was founded in 1995, and because of its strong enrollment growth over the last 15 years, Dr. Kilduff and other faculty are raising money to expand both the facility and the breadth of the scholarship programs. Current plans include the creation of a private study and learning resource center, and a student lounge in the department’s building,because it is located away from the center of the large campus. The department is also seeking to continue providing academic scholarships to 20 students each year.

In addition to expanding their facilities, Cal Poly Pomona is updating their technology by adding TUKA3D, which will allow students to create garment samples in 3D and fit them on virtual models. Students willbe able to use this information to create perfectly measured samples the first time, saving time and money, and they will learn to use what is fast becoming the garment industry’s standard software for garment creation. Cal Poly Pomona’s apparel program has received approval from the American Apparel and Footware Association since 1997, and the acquisition of body scanning and 3D modeling technology is key component in meeting and exceeding the association’s guidelines..

Professors Betty Tracy and Cynthia Regan remain grateful to Tukatech in its support of its infancy program in 1998 when Tukatech initially assisted AMM with the acquisition of computer technologies. Consistently throughout the past 13 years, Tukatech has provided AMM with excellent training and outstanding customer service.

“My students are excited to use an industry program used by apparel companies,” said Regan. “As a professor, I find students learn more by using the program. They are more engaged, experiment more, and try more complicated pattern making tasks because they are not limited to 8AM-5PM workdays. Additionally, the online video tutorials match the pace of today’s college student.”

At the fundraising event, Cal Poly Pomona’s AMM students showcased five fashion lines featuring local designers in a runway show, and their own range of sportswear basics under their AM2 and BLDG45 labels. The event showed that AMM’s student body is already producing excellent work. Tukatech is proud to have teamed with Cal Poly Pomona, and hopes that by having access to TUKA3D, the ability of AMM students to develop commercial collections with innovation, quality, and style will be enhanced.

About Cal Poly Pomona’s Apparel Merchandising and Management Program:

The department provides a Bachelor of Science (BS) program in Apparel Merchandising and Management (AMM) with options in Fashion Retailing and Apparel Production.  Both options emphasize interactive linkages with the apparel creation and retail sectors in the Los Angeles area.  These are designed to meet the needs of students seeking management and leadership careers in their chosen apparel and fashion retail fields.  Many AMM majors also complete a business, communications or entrepreneurship minor to complement their AMM major. Many alumni go on to careers with some of the best-known names in the US apparel and retail sectors.

About Tukatech

Tukatech is a Los Angeles-based company that provides pattern making, grading and marker making software, 3D apparel prototyping systems and manufacturing equipment.  It also provides web-based product development services and PDM/PLM systems, supported by brick and mortar centers strategically located in garment hubs worldwide. With over 9,000 systems installed, and thousands of competitive systems replaced, Tukatech is the fastest growing garment CAD/CAM company in the world.  Tukatech has been ranked by Apparel Magazine as the #1 Apparel software company in the world.


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