Tukatech Now Offers Video Tutorials in Vietnamese

Los Angeles,CA- Once again leading the field in providing innovative technology solutions to the apparel industry, Tukatech is proud to offer tutorial videos for its award winning CAD software in Vietnamese.

Tukatech has always been at the forefront of the garment industry with its powerful pattern making, grading, and marker making software, and the company is excited to offer a complete video tutorial course in Vietnamese, allowing for even more designers and manufacturers to reduce costs and increase efficiency with TUKAcad.

Tukatech’s tutorial videos teach users how to get the most of their TUKAcad systems. With these tutorial videos now available in Vietnamese, pattern makers in Vietnam will have better access to one of the greatest production tools available today. By learning TUKAcad through these tutorial videos, companies in Vietnam will be able to master a system that is used by hundreds of companies in all over the world, improving their ability to do business on a global scale. Currently, Tukatech is the only CAD software that includes free video tutorials in any language.

“In our efforts to make TUKAcad more user frientdly, we have added software training and assistance in Vietnamese,” said Tukatech Founder Ram Sareen. “This will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes for new TukaCAD users to become experts.”

For more information about Tukatech, please visit Tukatech.com.


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