Brandix Denim Division Doubles Productivity with Tukatech Systems

Colombo, Sri Lanka- Brandix Denim CEO Iswaran Senthil reports that productivity has more than doubled since his factory began using Tukatech’s TUKAcad software in March,and that the factory is now efficient enough to take on work from a sister factory.

“Our increase in productivity since switching to Tukatech has more than doubled with the exact same staff, allowing us to do more with less people and with a very quick turnaround,” said Senthil. “The work flow engineering, elimination of many paper reports and electronic communication between all CAD and non-CAD users gave us better control and an extremely fast payback on our initial investment in the software.”

According to the savings report, TUKAcad has allowed Brandix Denim’s pattern makers to verify the shrinkage, before wash and after wash measurements on the computer, eliminating the costly step of cutting, sewing, washing and then finding out the integrity of pattern makers work. Brandix Denim has also utilized TUKAcad’s compatibility with Microsoft Office to produce excel reports that can present and analyze data in several unique ways, providing executives with even more detailed information about the factory’s processes.

“The accuracy and quality of patterns allowed us to produce more styles with same people and get approvals in half the time,” said Harischandra Weligamage, Denim Plant Factory Manager Brandix Denim also implemented Tukatech’s SMARTmark, a system that optimizes marker making. “Since using SMARTmark, we saw over 2% savings in fabric utilization paid for the systems within weeks”, he added.

“I’m always pleased to hear that one of our customers is satisfied with our software,” said Tukatech Founder and Head Coach Ram Sareen. “Our company was built on the notion of improving the efficiency of garment production operations and saving them money. Brandix is one of the finest denim producers in the world, and we look forward to a long business relationship with them.”

About Tukatech

Tukatech is a Los Angeles-based company that provides 2D and 3D software solutions and manufacturing equipment to garment producers. It also provides web-based product development services and PDM/PLM systems, supported by brick and mortar centers strategically located in garment hubs worldwide. With over 12,000 systems sold and about 3,500 competitive systems replaced, Tukatech is the fastest growing garment CAD/CAM company in the world.  Tukatech has been ranked by Apparel Magazine as the #1 Apparel software company in the world.  For more information, visit


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