Los Angeles Based Styku Selected as Finalist for Microsoft® Accelerator For Kinect™ Program

From a pool of nearly 500 applicants, Styku was chosen to participate, along with ten other finalists, in the Microsoft Accelerator for Kinect powered by Techstars. Techstars, a famous technology incubator, was handpicked to mentor and accelerate companies in developing revolutionary products using Kinect. Styku’s smart fitting room was the only fashion-focused application selected.
Styku uses Kinect technology to scan a body for measurements. Then, using advanced 3D apparel technology, Styku allows customers to create personalized avatars to digitally try on clothes, showing them how a garment would look on their exact body shape and providing size recommendations based on fit.
The Styku system can be installed in an existing dressing room, or customers can scan themselves using Microsoft Kinect for Windows at home. Body measurements are then extracted and used to create a custom 3D mannequin and an online profile accessible via the Internet or mobile device.
Styku’s smart fitting room benefits both consumers and online retailers, as customers can buy with confidence when purchasing apparel online and retailers can expect fewer returns. At a retail location, there is no need for shoppers to try on multiple sizes, as a quick scan provides a list of sizes and inventory of clothing in the store that would best fit their body. Additionally, the technology has the capability for consumers to design clothes to their preference at home and have them ready to ship in less than four hours.
“Utilizing the technology available on Microsoft Kinect for Windows, we were able to build a multi-channel, multi-platform digital fitting room that can truly change the way consumers shop and benefit the retailer by reducing online returns,” explains Raj Sareen, CEO of Styku. “We are grateful for Microsoft’s dedication to innovation and are honored to be selected to receive guidance from the industry’s best as we refine our technology and make it widely available to consumers and retailers.”
The Microsoft accelerator for Kinect is a program that supports companies interested in leveraging Kinect technology. The eleven applicants chosen to participate relocated to Seattle from April to June, where they are provided office space, $20,000 in funding, plus access to Microsoft technical resources and executive mentors. The three-month program will culminate with a demo day in which participants show off their wares to Microsoft executives, investors and media.
About Styku To learn more about Styku, please visit Styku.com or schedule a private demonstration by writing to info@styku.com. You can also watch a video demonstration on Styku’s website.


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