Tukatech and Styku Demonstrate Revolutionary On-Demand Garment Production

Tukatech and Styku were part of a demonstration of “manufacturing on demand” –
imagine not having to carry inventory. Every garment is made
according to the customer’s specification. The size is adjusted, the
colors selected, logos or design patterns are located where the
customer wants… The product is cut, sewn and ready for delivery in
about four hours!

See Styku’s video from the AM4U demonstration here.

Read the story from California Apparel News….

AM4U Unveils Demand-Activated Manufacturing Technology
By Deidre Crawford,
Technology Editor
When I was invited to view a demonstration of a new apparel technology at
California Polytechnic State University in Pomona, I wasn’t exactly sure what to
expect. I assumed it would be a clunky piece of machinery accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation and possibly a few sample products of what the machine could produce. What I didn’t expect was a full bodyscan and custom-made garment designed from scratch and shipped to my office in less than four hours.
To read the full article, click here.


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