IM-Label Reinvents The Tailoring Experience Using Body Scanning Technology

Styku Teams with IM-Label

Styku announced today the first implementation of the new body scanning technology that will replace the traditional process of taking hand-measurements with a measuring tape. Toronto’s IM-Label has installed the new StykuScan body scanning system that will enable quick and accurate body measurement and body shape analysis. IM-Label is the first custom tailor in the world to install and use the system.

“IM-Label is very excited to utilize the Styku system to individually refine the fit for each and every customer,” said Harry Park, Director at IM-Label. “We believe that this new technology increases accessibility to custom clothing by eliminating a step that normally requires a lot of skill and is prone to human error. Never before has such a technology been as economical to acquire and easy to use. It will allow us to measure accurately in seconds versus minutes and much less intrusively. This gives us one giant leap forward in providing affordable custom tailored clothing to the masses.”

For IM-Label, Styku’s body scanning technology has made one-click body measuring a reality. Inside of the 30 square foot measurement zone, a customer stands with his arms slightly raised, and in a mere 3 seconds, the body is scanned to extract accurate measurements within a quarter of an inch. This eliminates human error from the measuring processes, ensuring consistent measurements and better fitting garments.

“Styku is thrilled that IM-Label has embraced the future of getting a superior fit – and we fully expect our innovative body scanning technology to help them realize their goals. Canada has been an important market for us and having our first unit sent to such a progressive client makes us realize that the appetite for game changing technology north of the border is boundless,” said Raj Sareen, CEO/Founder at Styku.

“Body measurements are just the beginning,” said Park. “Combining data acquired from the body scanner with fabric virtualization technologies, IM-Label will be able to show customers what their garments will look like on a person before it is even constructed, thereby enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.”

About IM-Label

IM-Label is one of Toronto’s leading providers of custom tailored menswear. With three locations across the Greater Toronto Area and many private label brands, IM-Label focuses on providing its customers with individualized and well-fitted tailored garments through a customer-centric service approach and highly accessible prices. Today, IM-Label products are worn by customers who want to look their very best each day giving them the confidence they need to succeed. Founded in 2009 by engineers with an appetite for men’s fashion, IM-Label operates on the key elements of quality, individuality, and customer service. For more information, visit

About Styku

Styku has created the ultimate platform for apparel retailers looking to solve the fit and sizing dilemma of selling clothing online. Using propriety apparel CAD 3D software (used by apparel brands, retailers and manufacturers) and the revolutionary Microsoft Kinect, Styku developed an ultra-low-cost body scanner that scans a body in three seconds, and then extracts hundreds of core body measurements that can be used to select the right size in a particular brand – or create made-to-order apparel. Consumers will soon use the Xbox live platform, or their PC, to scan themselves at home and instantly “try-on” thousands of recommended apparel items and see how they will fit. Visit to learn more.


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