Styku shines at Microsoft Accelerator Demo Day

Styku, one of 11 startups in the Microsoft Kinect Accelerator, Powered by Techstars, showcases technology at Demo Day

Styku, the Los Angeles based Smart Fitting Room, concluded its participation in Microsoft’s Kinect Accelerator program with a demonstration presented to tech industry leaders, investors, and members of the press at the program’s demo day. Styku’s presentation, which showcased the company’s Kinect-based body scanning system and online virtual try-on, turned heads, as evidenced by the numerous write ups that appeared across the web and in print.

From CNet- Anyone who’s ever tried on a pair of pants, a blouse, or a skirt can testify to the challenge of finding the right size. Medium doesn’t always mean the same thing to every company.

“The industry is designing for an ideal body shape that is not us,” says Raj Sareen, chief executive and founder of Styku, a Los Angeles-based company that’s using Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensing video game controller to solve the problem.

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From Geekwire- Walking the floor at Microsoft’s conference center in Redmond yesterday for the conclusion of the three-month Kinect Accelerator startup program, it was remarkable to see not just tech demos but full-fledged companies being built on the company’s Kinect sensor.

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From Seattle Post Intelligencer- Raj Sareen, founder and CEO of Styku, demonstrates his company’s virtual fitting room technology at the Microsoft Accelerator for Kinect exhibition in Redmond on Thursday, June 28, 2012. “People don’t know what size to order,” said Elizabeth Thomas, the company’s vice president for marketing. “It’s one of the biggest barriers to online apparel sales.” The company plans to sell the system to retailers that have stores and online sales, and provide it free to consumers. A well-known retailer that the company cannot yet name plans to start a trial Aug. 6 in four fitting rooms in two stores.


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